Your personal blueprint for growing and protecting wealth

We’ll personalize a six-part financial plan based on decades of successful experience helping clients reach their financial goals. The result is a clear, straightforward blueprint for building the life you want.

We’ll help you determine if you need some or all of the parts.

Then, we’ll create a financial blueprint designed just for you.

Part 1 – Budgeting

Build a strong foundation

Cash flow analysis and budgeting are the foundation of any financial plan.

We’ll help you determine your needs vs. wants. Then, we’ll work with you to establish a budget.

Along the way we’ll discuss cash reserve strategies, discretionary income, and debt management using lines of credit and net worth.

Building a lifetime of wealth begins with a strong foundation.

Part 2 – Risk Management

Protect your wealth

Risk management means you can keep building wealth through any of life’s storms.

From auto policies to umbrella liability to health care planning, we’ll review your insurance coverage and assess your liability.

Then, we’ll recommend the right amount and type of insurance coverage for you.

With the right coverage, life’s storms won’t destroy what you’ve built.

Part 3 – Tax Planning

Optimize your tax strategy

Paying more than you should in taxes is like donating money to the IRS. We’ll work with you and your accountant to make sure you never pay more taxes than you should. To do that, we’ll

  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Restructure investments
  • Develop strategies to improve your net income

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. Why donate it to the IRS?

Part 4 – Investment Strategy

Secure your future

Assessing your investment strategy is a key part of what we do.

We’ll review the performance of your current investments to balance your risk and reward. We’ll reposition investments to get you on track toward reaching your goals.

Then, we’ll recommend investments from a wide range of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

With the right plan, you can feel secure even when the markets change.

Part 5 – Retirement Planning

Enjoy the life you built

We get you to retirement and make sure your wealth keeps working for you.

To do that, we’ll review retirement plans, both individual and through employers, to make sure you’re on track to retire when you want to. We’ll look at how and when you withdraw retirement money because it has important tax implications.

Someday you’ll retire, but your wealth doesn’t have to.

Part 6 – Estate Management

Define your legacy

You should be the one to decide your legacy.

We’ll ask questions and listen.

When you’re satisfied we understand, we’ll recommend how to use wills, trusts, and other advanced planning techniques to distribute your wealth to family and/or charity.

Leave behind a legacy, not just your wealth.

Retirement is about enjoying the life you’ve built.

With the right blueprint, you can.

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